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What did you actually use from your baby shower? Did you register somewhere or make a list of things you needed? Sometimes telling people what you want or need for your baby can be hard if you don’t know what you need or you don’t like asking people for things.

Are you trying to shop for somebody’s baby shower, but don’t know what to get them? They might not know what to ask for and maybe they didn’t register anywhere. How do you know what to get them? When I think of baby showers, I think of things I know they will need and use. I mean, I don’t want to be the person that gets them something they won’t use. Check out my post about cute gift basketsĀ here.

I’ve thought about this process and with having one of my own, I have a bit of experience in knowing what a mom will need at her baby shower that she will actually use for the baby. The biggest or most expensive gift is not the way to go with baby showers. Check out some ideas below if you are looking for baby shower gifts.

Must Haves For Baby

Baby in a comfy blanket

When I was expecting my first baby, I wasn’t sure of everything I needed. I didn’t know which bouncy seat or swing to think about and I was just learning about the different sized diapers. I have a big family and I had been around so many babies before I was expecting my own. However, I was still unaware of all the different details when it came to things I actually needed.

I was so happy and grateful for the things I received at the baby shower that I actually needed every day. Check out the list below for some ideas on what to get your new mom friend for her baby shower.

  • Bathing Supplies. Babies don’t need a bath every day because they don’t get dirty. The recommended amount of baths for a baby is 3 a week. However, bathing supplies are needed. A head-to-toe baby wash, washcloths, towels, even a little seat for the tub is a great idea.
  • Diapers and Wipes. I think everybody knows this is a must-have, but this category can get tricky. As of right now, we don’t know if the baby will have reactions to certain brands. I recommend asking the mom-to-be what brand they prefer or would like to try. If they are unsure, I would go with a couple small packs of different brands and/or a gift card for when they know what kind to get. I had at least 4 different brands from my baby shower and I could only use one of them. Don’t forget about cloth diapers if the mom prefers them.
  • Care Kit. A care kit will typically include a thermometer, bulb syringe, fingernail clippers, etc. Moms will need these things, but they will need other things that don’t typically come in a care kit. Some other things to look at would be diaper rash cream, saline drops, pacifiers, and bottles. Bottles are a must too, but I would check with the mom first to see if she plans to breastfeed or what kind she prefers.

A good way to organize a gift of essentials is by combining everything into a cute basket that can be used as a toy basket or a baby bath seat that can also be used later. This is a go-to for baby showers. You can never have too much of this stuff. Having extra on hand is better than an emergency run to the store.

Another must-have is a car seat if they don’t already have one. You can check out some car seats here.

Onesies and Outfits

baby touching shoe

Everybody wants to dress their baby in cute outfits especially when doing pictures or going to see people. Every baby should have cute outfits for their baby pictures. Cute outfits are good, but they need comfy clothes that won’t bother them and make them uncomfortable too. Let’s not forget about hats and socks for baby as well.

A baby’s way of communicating is by crying. If they are fed, rested, and changed, they might be too hot or uncomfortable in the clothes they are in. The other reason for gifting baby clothes is because your new mom friend will need extra clothes for spills and diaper leaks.

You will need extra onesies and clothes for the baby because there will be a lot of messes. They spit up, milk will spill, diapers will leak. When going to the store or to visit people you will want extra clothes with you in case any of this happens. Laundry day is another example because you don’t want all the clothes in the washer when a mess happens.

Blankets for Swaddling

Baby feet in pink blanket

Blankets are a must have especially when the weather is cold. Blankets are good for covering up the car seat on the way to and from the car to keep the cold are from reaching your baby. Blankets are also needed for swaddling your baby. Sometimes all they need is to feel comfy and secure.

In addition to blankets, I would recommend a soft floor mat for tummy time. This time might not be for a while yet, but when this time does come, this is really helpful for laying the baby on the floor than just a blanket especially if the floors are hard. I had a mat gifted to me and it was great to use when my son started tummy time and rolling.

More Cute Ideas

Baby photo album

Some other cute ideas for baby shower gifts are things they can use for their memories and pictures. Check out these ideas in the list below.

  • Photo Album. A photo album is a great baby shower gift. Yes, most of everything now is digital and we have social media for sharing pictures, but having a physical album for baby pictures I think is something special.
  • Baby Book. A baby book is more of a scrapbook for the early baby stages. These books are not just a photo album to collect pictures, but they are able to be decorated and give space for writing descriptions for each picture. There is also space for writing stories about bringing baby home as well as the weight and measurements.
  • Baby Books and Music. I loved getting baby books to read to my son. It is never too early to talk and read to your baby. My son loved his books and still loves his books. Music is another way to soothe your baby. White noise can help with sleeping sometimes and other times they enjoy the music too.


Mom-To-Be Will Love It

My main point of this information is to really think about the mom the baby shower is for. If she doesn’t know what she wants, get the things she will need. If she is registered somewhere, check it out and see what brands she prefers. Overall you want to get what she needs and wants for her baby and for her to feel like she is prepared by the end of the party.

Thank you for visiting my page and I hope this really helped you find the gift ideas you needed. All questions and comments are welcome below.






2 thoughts on “Cool Baby Shower Gifts

  1. What a great article. Many people struggle with figuring out what to give for a baby shower. When we got gifts for my son, I remember we were so happy so many people were thoughtful enough to get us stuff, but unfortunately there were many clothes items that never got worn. He was a pretty small baby, and when the seasons were right for the outfit, the outfit usually didn’t fit. We were most thrilled with the ideas were would have never have thought of. The baby books are great. I also have been getting a growth chart to hang on the wall. It is something to be used for years to come and something that becomes very special. Not much to measure the 1st year, but it is great after that. My son is 10, and every year for his birthday he puts a new handprint and new measurement with the date on it.
    Thanks for the great suggestions. It is very useful

    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed this article. I know before I had my son, I wouldn’t know what to get people. It’s easy to overthink it if you don’t already know to think of the necessities.

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