Kid Chore List – When to Start Chores and Allowance

Kids doing chores

Do you think you should give your kids a chore list? I know chores is something I forgot about with my son. I wasn’t really thinking of the age he was getting to be and what he is capable of doing at his age. It wasn’t until he was about 3 years old and wanted to help me make dinner and wash the dishes.

That day I really thought about it. Of course to me it seemed that he was still a baby and I should be doing everything for him still. At the same time, I was thinking that I want him to learn how to do housework and why it is important for him to know how to take care of himself. I also didn’t want him becoming lazy because I have been doing everything for him.

Everybody and every family is different when it comes to raising little ones. Some people believe children shouldn’t have to do chores and other people start early with teaching their kids how to do basic housework. I am always open-minded to advice and opinions, but I do think that starting small chores that are age appropriate is a good idea.

What Chores Should You Start With? Cleaning rooms

I think that earlier the better when starting your kids on chores. It can be difficult if they don’t want to do them, especially in the earlier stages. My son didn’t want to start picking up after himself at first, but I made it fun for both of us. He always had toys all over his bedroom floor and didn’t want to pick them up. He also loved pulling all of his books off his bookshelf.

I made it fun and I helped him with it. I would play music that we both like and the deal was that I would organize his books while he picked up his toys and put them away. By helping him, he wasn’t doing it by himself so it seemed easier and he had company. I also didn’t make it sound like a chore. I simply said it’s time to get your room picked up and we did it.

Now, I’m not saying this was always the case. When he was a toddler, he was up for doing anything. Now that he is a little older, it is more difficult to get him to do stuff, but we still find away to work it out without any tantrums. I always recommend paying attention to what they seem interested in when they are just starting out.

I think dusting is one of the easiest things to start with. They will want to feel good about helping out. Other than cleaning his room, I started with letting my son dust with the swiffer and rinse dishes as I washed them. He felt good about being able to help and had fun learning something new.

Should They Have Chores Every Day?

When you start giving your kid different household chores to do, I would start with the days that you do the housework that needs to be done. To start with I didn’t have my son do something everyday unless I was doing it every day. If you have certain things you get done on certain days of the week, then let your little one help you with those each day.

The way I started with my son is he helped me do things as they needed to be done. If i was doing laundry he would help me load the washer and then help me fold. I let him help me with dinner by getting things from the fridge and the pans we needed. I even let him stir when I didn’t have too many things going at once.

The best way to get them involved is to ask them to help you or let them help when they are curious. I now give my son certain things to do during the week and that includes feeding the dog, cleaning his room, helping fold the laundry, and learning how to cook small things like scrambled eggs and pancakes.

Start Giving Allowance

Giving allowance

Growing up, I didn’t really get an allowance, and I didn’t know how to give my son allowance. I had so many questions about it. Why should I give him allowance? What am I giving it to him for? How much should I give him? Should I let him spend it or encourage him to save it?

Basically I had no idea. So I started researching to see what other people had to say about it and what made sense to me. I was surprised by so many ideas and opinions. Some people don’t believe in it because they are kids and we do things for them. Other people think it’s good so they can understand how money budgets work.

Kids like to start paying for their own things. It gives them a sense of independence and they feel good about being able to spend their own money. So once my son started talking about money from understanding that we have to pay for things we get from the store, I started thinking it is a good time to start giving him an allowance and helping him understand spending and budgeting. This also helps when they are learning to do math.

Some suggestions I received were to give them the dollar amount each week by their age. Another one was to put a dollar amount on different chores they do each week. Some say not to link the money to the chore because doing housework is part of taking care of yourself rather than an actual job. I think chores are a way to teach them to take care of themselves, but maybe some more difficult chores can be paid chores.

Allowance for Chores

Giving an allowance can go different ways. From my own perspective, I want to teach my son how to budget and manage money, but I don’t want him to think that I will hand him money any time he wants something. Paying for chores is one way to give them an allowance because they are working for it.

I don’t think linking allowance to chores is a bad idea. I would say things that they need to do get done for free, then extra things they can start doing that aren’t small everyday things can be the paid chores. So instead of him thinking I’m just giving him money every week for nothing, he knows how much he is making for each job he does.

So, when he is asking for money he will know there are jobs to do to earn that money. I think this is a good way to teach about working for what he earns and how to manage his money if he wants enough to get the things he wants to buy. In addition to earning money from doing jobs, It is important to teach them to separate their money for saving and spending. This is another way to help them learn to manage money. If they save so much percent from each week, I think it will make them learn the value of money and how to budget.

Whatever Works For Your Family

As always, these are my personal opinions, suggestions, and perspectives. I hope you will take something away from this post that will help you in one of the decisions you are trying to make. I’m always open to new ideas and suggestions. If you have any questions or ideas, please share them in the comments.





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