When to Introduce Baby Food. What Kind to Try First.

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Are you wondering when to start giving your baby food? Don’t know what to try first? I’m happy to help. Introducing baby food to your baby is an exciting time. You get to see the reaction to different foods and learn which ones they like right away. When I first introduced baby food to my son, he loved, I mean loved, the sweet potatoes.

I was super excited to see how he would do with the baby food. I went out and bought little bowls and spoons for him. I bought cereal and so many baby foods. I couldn’t wait to introduce these to him. You want to wait until your baby is between 4 and 6 months before introducing baby foods.

Some people will say you can add some cereal into the bottle with the formula, but you really should wait until at least 4 months so they don’t have trouble digesting. They really only need breast milk or formula until they are over 4 months. Click here for more on baby foods.

Is Your Baby Ready For Solid Food?

We know that we can introduce solid food between 4 and 6 months, but how do we know when we should start trying. Every baby is different. You will know when your baby is ready to try solid foods. There are a few things you need to pay attention to before attempting to introduce solid foods.

  1. Can your baby sit up with support? Food your baby can eat
  2. Can your baby hold his or her head up?
  3. Is he or she mouths toys or their hands?
  4. Is he or she interested in what you are eating?

Making sure your baby can hold his/her head up and can sit with support is important before introducing food. You don’t want to be trying to feed your baby solid food while laying down. So don’t get too excited. Keep it safe and wait for him/her to be ready.

You also what to be sure not to give them anything that isn’t pureed that could be a choking hazard. They also shouldn’t have honey or cows milk until they are at least 1 year of age.

You Can Start With Baby Cereal

Baby cereal is good to start with because it won’t taste much different from the formula or breast milk your baby is already used to if you use the milk to mix it with. I used the milk to mix the cereal for my son. There are also different flavors of cereal for you to choose from.

You want to use a single grain cereal like rice or oats. I always used the Gerber single grain oatmeal cereal or Gerber organic rice cereal for my son. A little trick if you prefer not to get the flavored cereal, you can mix a bit of baby food with the cereal to give it flavor once you know what flavors your little one likes.

What Baby Food to Try First

There is no right or wrong when it comes to introducing baby food to your little one. However, when giving your baby food, they will need to get used to different flavors. For the first time, I wouldn’t try anything green such as green beans or peas. The lighter colored ones are Baby's first foodsusually better to start with because they are sweeter.

I have heard from many moms that their baby’s favorite was the sweet potatoes. Other foods to start with would be peaches, applesauce, mangoes, pear, and even carrot if they seem to like the other ones.

Once they get used to trying different things and are regularly eating baby food and cereal, then you could try some green stuff to see how they do with it. If they don’t like it right away you can try again a week or two later. It took my son three tries over a few weeks to actually like the green beans and peas. , after that he loved them.

Now he did gag the first couple times trying the green veggies. This is normal and your baby will be okay. Sometimes it’s hard for them to like different things as they are being introduced. Don’t worry, just try again later in the week.

What if My Baby refuses Solid Food?

It is not uncommon that babies will refuse food the first time or first couple times. This is something new and unfamiliar to them. At this point, they are only used to one thing, which is either breast milk or formula. Trying to get them to eat from a spoon can be challenging because they are not used to it and how it works.

When trying baby foods, it smells and tastes unfamiliar to them so it might take a couple tries before they really want to give it a try. If your baby likes the cereal but doesn’t want the fruits or veggies yet, that is okay, they will try them eventually. If you start with fruits or veggies and your baby doesn’t like it, then you should try the cereal and see how it goes.


Trial And Error

Don’t stress too much about this stage. Your baby will let you know when they are ready. This is what I like to call the trial and error stage. They still aren’t talking, but they find a way to communicate. You can continue trying to introduce different foods occasionally if they don’t like it right away.

You should wait a couple days between introducing new foods. This will give them a chance to get used to using the spoon and the idea of trying different things. This will also be easier to tell what the problem is if any allergies should develop. Go at your baby’s pace with what they like and don’t like and enjoy this first experience for them.

Some of the best baby memories are made during trial and error and all the funny moments that happen during these times. Enjoy the time together with your little one. I hope this answered some of your questions and helps ease any stress you may have had about introducing baby food.

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10 thoughts on “When to Introduce Baby Food. What Kind to Try First.

  1. Funny that kids can be so hard to read, especially for new parents. Nice to see a site like this, and some common sense steps to take toward what can be a very stressful phase of a child’s, and parent’s, life. Well laid out, great insight, and helpful. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. I like to use my own experience to help others. There is no cut and dry way of parenting. It’s all about what works for each child and parent. I’m happy you liked this.

  2. Hello,
    Great article about when to start feeding your baby solid foods. This article is packed full of useful information for first time parents and even parents that want to try new things with their baby. My favorite part was the – what baby food to try first – my grand daughter was extremely picky and it took us some time to find what she liked and would eat.

    1. Thank you. My son was never picky. He would eat anything when first starting out. Now, he did literally gag the first and second time trying the green veggies, but after that he loved them. Now that he is a bit older he has become more picky and stubborn when it comes to food. I’m happy you enjoyed this article.

  3. I love this, it brings me back to when my kids were changing to solid foods. I think it is important to know when the child is ready because of the dangers. As you mentioned, I too loved to see their faces when tasting new foods. Are there any product brands you recommend for health and vitamins?

    1. Thank you, Jeffrey. As far as the baby foods, I’ve always liked Gerber. Once I found something that worked well with my son, I stuck with it. I didn’t want to change too many things as far as brands.

  4. Hello Cass,
    Where was this article when I just had my little bundle? Thanks for this, I am sure there are a lot of young mothers who will greatly appreciate your hard work. Thanks for the tips and tricks and keep up the great job! All the best.

    1. I’ve realized that sometimes we look at the bigger picture without doing much research on things like baby food. If you don’t look it up, you might think it’s all the same like the cereal single grain. I personally used Gerber more than anything else. I have tried the beech-nut and know other moms that liked that brand too. It’s really personal preference I think.

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